The Stipulation Volume 6!

I am proud to announce that volume 6 of The Stipulation Serials is now live! Please remember that Volume 7 is the final installment, and will be available within a weeks time. I love feedback from fans of the series, so remember to 'Like' me on Facebook and if you haven't already, please consider leaving reviews on all of the books!


Volume 5 update!

Hi everyone! I received word from my editor, and I should have volume 5 back by Saturday! That means that either Saturday night or Sunday morning I will be able to upload it onto Amazon and you all can get to read what happens next! I am working on volume 6 now, and volume 7 is the last and final volume, which will be available a little later this month. I plan on having a big promotion once I release it, so stayed tuned for that. I will definitely post on here and my Facebook page, so if you haven't liked it already, you can see it on the right hand side of this page!


The Stipulation 5

Good evening all!

I just submitted Volume 5 of The Stipulation Serials to my editor, so that means it will come back to me in a week and then I'll be ready to submit for sale!

A few people have asked me how many volumes will be in the serials, and I am proud to say there will be 7 titles in total. As the story progresses and the volume number gets higher, you will see more and more time pass, which definitely helps progress the story at a better pace. Some of you have also asked if I will be coming out with any more works, or if this is it. I am proud to say that NO, this isn't all of it (I'm not one hit wonder), but I will in fact be writing more, in the form of novels and not serial novellas. I haven't done any story boarding on the matter yet, and don't know what the plot will be, but I assure you it will be hot and you won't be able to put it down!

If you haven't liked me on Facebook yet, why not?! I am active over there, and am always glad to talk with my fans and answer any questions they may have as well as just chatting about any random subject! Like me on the right hand side of the home page if you haven't already!

-M.L. Young



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