The Stipulation 5

Good evening all!

I just submitted Volume 5 of The Stipulation Serials to my editor, so that means it will come back to me in a week and then I'll be ready to submit for sale!

A few people have asked me how many volumes will be in the serials, and I am proud to say there will be 7 titles in total. As the story progresses and the volume number gets higher, you will see more and more time pass, which definitely helps progress the story at a better pace. Some of you have also asked if I will be coming out with any more works, or if this is it. I am proud to say that NO, this isn't all of it (I'm not one hit wonder), but I will in fact be writing more, in the form of novels and not serial novellas. I haven't done any story boarding on the matter yet, and don't know what the plot will be, but I assure you it will be hot and you won't be able to put it down!

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-M.L. Young



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